Friday, 1 May 2009

La Russophobe: Racist? Imperialist? Liberal Autocrat? You decide!!

If I had a time machine I'd like to go back to Germany in the 1920's. The reason for this is that I would have liked to have used the pen in order to counter the Fascist, racist, autocratic diatribe of the Nazi party.

Some people say you should not comment on racists, you should not challenge them - it is as if by not challenging them they would just evaporate and go away. I disagree with this, I think it is important to challenge those whose views a dangerous, those whose writings are based on emotional rhetoric and not facts - by challenging them you make them look stupid, ignorant and foolish - this is important because otherwise there is a danger that the 'Lunatics will take over the Asylum'.

A blog that might fall into this camp is La Russophobe?: However, I'm not sure whether the writer is a white hooded KKK member, who has pictures of Hitler on her wall. In one sense the title of the blog suggests that the writer is this type of fascist, one who enjoys spitting poison at the choir, for imagine someone creating a blog called La Blackophobe, or La Indianophobe or LaHispanicophobe there would be an outcry - the blog would probably and quite rightly banned.

But what the objective for the La Russophobe blog? I'm not sure? I think it could be one of three things??

(1) The writer is an imperialist: One who believes that Russia should be an American State or at least a satellite state. As we know from history these kind of thinkers have caused chaos to Eastern Europe - look at Russia in 1998 a time when Cold War Warriors tried to enslave Russia under the mask of Liberalism - an even more recent example is the destruction that these individuals have caused to Ukraine(a country that probably wishes they had had a strong leader like Putin)

(2) The second alternative is that the writer is a Liberal autocrat. These are the type of people who talk about freedom, equality and justice but only allow others to follow this kind of viewpoint if they agree with them. These writers remind me of the French Revolutionaries the type that said you can be free one minute but in the next breath were dragging people of to the Guillotine.

The third alternative is that this writer is a black shirt racist, whose dream in life is to lynch Russians from the nearest oak tree.

However, I can't make up my mind so I have launched a poll to find out. The Question is
What is La Russophobe?
(a) A racist, fascist KKK blogger?
(b) An American Imperialist Crusader?
©) A Liberal Autocrat?
(D) A Frankenstein Monster i.e. a combination of all the above three points?

You decide!!