Thursday, 16 April 2009

Patriach Alexi II a true hero

A new book has been published about the recently deceased Patriarch of Russia Alexi II.
The book is titled "Russian Orthodoxy resurgent" (by John and Carol Garrard). This book offers a fair and balanced view of this great man.

Unfortunately some critics of this book such as Xenia Dennen (Keston Institute) have been very unkind about the book, claiming that
"the authors succumb to hero-worship and we are treated to a great deal of romantic mush"

I think the above comments are really misplaced and one could perhaps conclude that the above critic really has a low understanding of Russian Orthodoxy or at least a very set personal agenda(see the post about Intuition Cold War).

Patriarch Alexi II is one of the "Great statesman" of the 21st centaury. He is a true hero. Here are ten very clear reasons why hero-worship of this great man is justified and not just "romantic mush"

(1) He rebuilt the Russian church. A church that was totally destroyed by communism. He picked up the rubble and bit by bit re-built a church that had been terrorised for over seventy years. For example in 1986 there were just 6,000 priests in Russia. Yet by the end of the 20th centaury there were 72,000 priests.

(2) He helped to unite the two divisions of the Russian church: Thus, helping to unite orthodoxy across the world.

(3) He was one of the man reasons that Russia became a democratic country when he opposed the Communist putsch against Gorbachev

(4) He clearly separated the church from the state as can be seen in the document the "Foundations of social conception"

(5) He acted as a bridge between the conservative and modernist wings within the church thus helping to keep the church together.

(6) He isolated the anti-semitics within the church

(7) He outlined in the "Foundations of Social conception" a positive way of preserving morality in society, charity and social work

(8) He criticised the greed of men. Greed that has led to the current world crisis

(9) He brought religion back to Russian schools. Thus forming the basis of a new approach to morality

(10) He helped stop fundamentalists such as the evangelical protestants from further brain washing the Russian population.

So a you can see he is a true hero. A hero who has rebuilt orthodoxy within Russia and placed it firmly on the world map.


  1. The 9th point is unconstitutional.

  2. "Here are ten very clear reasons why hero-worship of this great man is justified"

    Hero-worship of ANY man is not justified, and what's more, is contrary to the principles of Christianity itself.

  3. Clearly, with a collapse of the Soviet Union, people needed something to look up to. During Communism, religious suppression did not work. People still secretly worshipped, went to churches, and the more they repressed, the more people wanted it. I believe, a new regime identified the need, and decided to use it to their advantage. There are some speculations that Alexei II was a former KGB agent, installed there by the agency, to steer the spiritual needs of the population in a right direction. That actually would explain how he did points #2, 5, and 6. And also, explains that the new leaders of the country prevented other churches from coming to Russia, to give full freedom to Orthodox church.

    As Lenin said, “Religion is the opium for the people”. New leaders wanted to give it to people to calm them down. They decided: “whatever people do, as long as they do not pay attention to what is going on.” Therefore, Orthodox church’s pacifism in the political scene dictated it’s survival and freedom to grow.
    Whoever Alexei II was, he was in a right place at a right time, because during his rule the church has flourished.