Thursday, 2 April 2009

America encircled by Russia

When an animal is trapped it defends itself.
So imagine a world where:

- Russian troops are based in Canada!?
- Russian troops are conducting military exercises in Canada!?
- Russia is building missile defence systems in Canada!?
- Russia has Mexico as a client state which it is providing money and arms to!?
- Russia supports 'an anti American revolution in Cuba!?
- Russia is creating a 'fifth column' within America itself under the guise of NGOs!?
- Russia is trying to control the American financial markets!?
- Russia is supported and funded political parties in America!?

The reaction from the USA would be explosive, they would be up in arms, they would feel threatened, they would go on the counter attack. We know this from history: look at their reaction to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Yet remarkably America have, over the past few years, been doing the above to Russia. America has a policy of encircling Russia. By

- Basing American troops in Georgia
- Conducting training exercises with the Georgian military
- Making plans to build military defence systems within Eastern Europe
- Backing revolutions, under the guise of democracy in Ukraine and Georgia
- Propping up the Georgian president and using the country as a client state
- Using SOROS and NGOs as a 'fifth column' within Russia

So is it surprising, that like an animal that is trapped, Russia is trying to defend itself from a country that is still adopting a 'Cold War rhetoric and mentality?

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