Thursday, 2 April 2009

The Indian community sufferes in racist Britain

The UK has a very tolerant attitude towards people from other nationalities. The UK prides itself on not being xenophobic. This attitude towards race has helped build the UK into a great place to live. Ethnic minorities have contributed greatly to UK history and culture. Cities such as London are full of different foods, languages and cultures . This has led a rich tapestry with many different people contributing to the UK economy.

But imagine, that a particular race: say 'Indians' are singled out and persecuted, that the UK was no longer such a tolerant and welcoming nation.
Imagine that:
- Indians are discriminated against for speaking their native language
- That a restaurant owner tells his staff not to serve any one who spoke Hindu
- That in the work-place Indians are discriminated against because of their race
- That Indians who have a poor grasp of English can't get British nationality
- That the police informally tell your employees to dismisses you because you have been on an anti racism demonstration
- That your neighbours tell you to "go back home" and call you "a pig"
- That your neighbours rip out some flowers that you have planted and place them at your door step with a note that says "Indian flowers not wanted here"
- That people in your housing association tell you to "Go back home to India and speak Indian there"
- That the Ministry of Justice puts a book on the curriculum, aimed at seven year old's, that contains jokes and comments that are offensive to the Indian Race: such as "what animals are most widely available in England?" Answer "Indians"
- That the Ministry of Education closes down an after school club because a member of staff had been arrested during an anti-racist demonstration that unfortunately turned into a riot
- An Indian went to Hospital Emergency complaining about headaches after she fell down and hit her head. The woman started talking to the doctor in English, however her English was not that good and she was in shock so she started to talk in Hindu. As a result of this the doctor became angry, refused to treat her and told her "because you live in England you must speak English"

Thank God! That the above is just an imagination and does not really happen in England. But the above are true examples of the type of racism that happens in the EU state of Estonia. Instead of Indians it is happening to Russians (If you supplement Indian for Russian and English/England for Estonian/Estonians you get some true case studies). I find it appalling that such racism exists in an EU country and hope that the Estonian Government can learn something from the British about racial tolerance and the benefit that ethnic minorities can bring to a country.


  1. Good point!
    I visited Estonia recently. My Russian friends living in Tallinn encounter racism quite often.

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